E15 Launch Stress

Gearing up to a product launch is stressful, with endless tasks to do, a lot less sleep, copious cups of coffee and quick meals, like pizza and more pizza (and chocolate – lots of it).

Today Omar and Nicole, exhausted from working on their latest product, The DIY Webinar Guide, take some time out to record a quick episode the day before launch day.

The DIY Webinar Guide is our first book (and with it comes a second book we’ve written, The Teaching and Presenting Handbook). We’ve also shot 19 videos for the guide, edited a total of 24 (to include step-by-step tutorials), created a Quick Start Guide, not to mention created the website, images and a private consultation package.

Let’s just say it’s hard work and comes with mixed feelings of excitement and anticipation for what will actually happen on the day of the launch.

With fatigue and stress there have been moments of tension and we share how we resolve those. We’re always mindful to enjoy the process, the journey and to always keep things in perspective. We had a bit of fun when it came to the sales video and took it back to those classic 80’s infomercials that are beyond hilarious. Check out our infomercial above for a laugh.

 DIY Webinar Guide

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*This episode was released earlier but now has been re-released due to an iTunes technical difficulty.

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