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At NYC Design Group, we pride ourselves on our firm’s hybrid status. As a general-contracting firm with architectural and design credentials, we are able to oversee every step of your project. From the initial sketches to the finished building, we are working to ensure a clear vision for your building.Innovative design is at the core of our firm’s holistic approach to building. Our professional team is dedicated to creating a structure that will not only fit your aesthetic and practical needs, but enhance your personal environment. We embrace all projects with the same level of meticulous research and care. Commercial, residential, or public: Our design-build firm views each project as a unique and exciting opportunity, deserving of careful consideration and focus. We look forward to creatively tackling any challenges posed by your project!


NYC Design Group provides superior expediting services for all five boroughs and the greater metro area. We will file applications with the New York Department of Buildings for new buildings, along with Type 1 Applications (change of use) and Type 2 Applications (Directive 2: auditing payment requests and Directive 14: relating to renovations that do not involve a change of use or occupancy). Our team will tackle the paperwork and handle subsequent mechanical and structural filings.