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Here are some of the websites we loved creating…

Nicole Still 3

Nicole Baldinu is a dynamic videographer and editor with personality. We wanted that to shine through with her overall branding and website design. After all, you’re hiring the person and their work. A clean and contemporary look along with retro art-deco highlights to accent her love for classic film. An easy, clutter free navigation makes her site not only easy on the eyes but on the brain as well.

AppCenter123 Still

AppCenter123 is an open source software service provider that needed to re-brand itself to reflect its friendly and easy to use service. We kept things clean and easy to use, with clear navigation and calls to action with the goal of allowing customers to get started in seconds. As AppCenter123’s tagline promises, we made sure that getting started with their services online is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Tania Siddiqi Still

With 13 years of experience in films, television, corporate and fashion, Tania Siddiqi wanted a website that not only showcased her work but a way to communicate with her followers and artists alike. A fresh and fun look with Tania’s personality all over it. Tania loves what she does and wanted to make sure that shined through with her website.

Hoarders 911 Still

With its non-judgmental, discreet services, Hoarders 911 wanted to make sure its website was friendly, clean and a non-confrontational. Ironically, we found that their competition’s websites were  cluttered and difficult to get around. We created a clean layout to allow users to navigate, learn more and contact Hoarders 911 about their specialized services easily.